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"A friend of mine had high blood pressure, was a diabetic, had gout, kidney problems and many other health issues after taking numerous prescription drugs. I spoke to Rebecca Brown and she introduced me to her Anointed Body Cleanser and Healer (ABCH) and it was recommended to several people. Once my friend took it, in a matter of two weeks there was a tremendous difference in his health overall. His blood pressure was more easier to stabilize, blood sugar stayed stable and his skin became cleaner and his feet were no longer swollen from him drinking the ABCH made by Rebecca Brown. I actually watch with my own eyes the difference between natural medicine and prescription drugs. Aloe Vera is known to be a cleanser and healer for all ages. After seeing such a great result with the Anointed Body Cleanser and Healer, I introduced it to numerous family members and friends. I then immediately put several of my patients on the Anointed Body Cleanser and Healer and saw immediate results, especially from seniors that were taking the juice. One was taking medication for a gall bladder infection and took the ABCH for exactly three days and what a difference! His eyes reflected such a change from the toxians once he had taken the Anointed Body Cleanser and Healer, it cleansed his body. Aloe Vera Juice, I always said is next to having the correct amount of oxygen flowing through our system. It's a cleanser and healer that has been natural for years. In the very near future we are hoping every illness will have a natural product instead of prescription drugs. When the world go natural ALOE VERA JUICE will be the number ONE natural product." Sincerely.....Joanne Brown, NY

"Shameka Venable and Carolyn Wilkins were the ones that introduced me to this product. The more I heard about it, the more I wanted to try it. I contacted Rebecca and started taking ABCH the week after Christmas, 2008. It cleaned my system out and for the first time ever when I went to the doctor, everything was in range, Cholesterol, A1c, blood pressue, etc., and I have been a diabetic since 1986. My hair is no longer thin but getting back to being thick and full. I have lost weight as well and it tastes pretty good too. I truly recommend this product. It really works!"Elder I.V. WilliamsSummerville, SC

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